Cottonwood Pass – video



I took very few images and videos, because my camera is not moisture-proof, but I did take a few videos of the storm, mostly for the audio, which was pretty crazy.  I had seen one lightning strike about 300 yards away, so I kept inside the tent.

This first video was taken the first night camped at the lake.  There is no video (it was pitch black) only audio, but this is what it sounds like when you have 40 mile per hour winds, and your tent is flapping violently.  Actually, the tent walls hitting my head was what woke me up.  I am amazed that my puny little poncho tent survived the winds, but it held up beautifully.  Luckily, I staked it out well and placed tons of rocks on top of the stakes.

This was too funny.  As the storm approached and the thunder started, the birds were going crazy.  Warning each other maybe?  

I just took this to capture the audio.  My feet are propped up on a pillow in an effort to reduce the swelling in my knee.  So what do you do in a tent in a storm?  Charge your electronics of course!  That is why you see the wires.

Now the rain and thunder started.  Luckily, not much wind, but this little poncho tent kept me warm and dry, and I was grateful.  I spent a lot of hours inside it, just listening to the storm, napping, and reading kindle books.  Not much else to do in a thunderstorm.